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The Company
In the corporate team — analysts, international experts, many of whom came from sports and are perfectly oriented in the sports “industry.” Their work in close conjunction with analysts, economists, allows you to develop a win-win investment strategy and to achieve success in the implementation of any projects.
With the help of a well-thought-out strategy, the company's investors gain weighty advantages over any other investment methods. The main advantages of investing in the project Sport-Stake are: • Low minimum entry threshold, available to ordinary people who plan to save their savings, protect them from inflation and multiply. • Good passive income with the possibility to increase the starting fee from several times. • Payments from the size of the company's profits. This means — during the season of significant sports events, they increase several times. • Reliable safety of money resources, which is not afraid of inflation. • Timely withdrawal of income accrued to a personal account. • Professional management of the investment package with guaranteed protection against possible financial risks.
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Dagenham, United Kingdom, RM8 1XJ
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Earn Easy
Good passive income with the possibility to increase the starting fee from several times.
Instant Withdrawals
We process all withdrawal requests instantly 24/7 and without any fee. You can make as many requests as you want.
High Website Security
Dedicated servers, secured with AVG antivirus and malware program.
High Profitability
The MONTHLY minimal income from investments in Sport-stake is 12% - and this is 2-3 times higher than the official ANNUAL BET offered by banks.
Profit Guarantee
The profit of investors themselves is formed not at the expense of sports betting or wins on them, but at the expense of commission bookmakers' remuneration. This means that investors always remain in the black — regardless of the outcome of the match, as for any match, game, competition, meeting of two athletes or the outcome of these events, bets are made both on the winnings and on the loss of one of the parties.